Issue #14 - 0m56s


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I don't have much to say this week. These past few days have been pretty busy with new projects at work and with friends visiting from out of town. A nice balance of duty and play.

A passing thought though —

Building off of last week's piece about ancient practices and base needs, it's been interesting to see that a significant amount of retreats and rehab centers list "fresh air" as one of the key descriptors for their center.

What is it about fresh air that warrants its placement as one of a place's top amenities? Is it the romanticized version of what fresh air means — nature, cleanliness, purity? Or does it have an actual biological root — the difference in the quality between NYC city air and that of the Appalachians?

Anecdotally, I do recognize that I am happier and more at peace when I'm in an area with fresh air, moving air. Its effect is hard to decouple from the effects of nature on the human body though (of which, is pretty substantial)

Anyways, reading recs on this topic are appreciated !

Have a blessed week y'all 🤟🏽